Friday, March 25, 2011

:::drools::: Jada Pinkett Smith-style for Plus Size Fashionistas

I think Jada is the bees knees.... Dope actress, Wicked (Wisdom) singer, Beautiful wife and Mama to children that make my biological clock go on overdrive! LOL

I also admire Jada for her tremendous sense of style. A lot of people aren't feeling her approaches to fashion (or her daughter's, but that's another blog!), but many of her looks are some I could totally see myself rocking if I was a skinny minnie like her. But I decided, "Why not now?" LOL

So, I scoured the internet for pictures of Jada and stumbled across a look that made me long for summer and dancing at a rooftop party under the stars!!!

Here's my look for plus size fashionistas, inspired by Jada's ensemble:

Tunic: Changes Boutique Sequin Tunic ($97.00, SimplyBe)
Shoes: Apepazza Ios ($179.00, Zappos)

Now, between you and me... I am not daring enough to leave  it at that.... that tunic is a little too short for me, and I am not blessed with killer legs like Jada!

If you're something like me (i.e., chicken..LOL!), you could definitely accentuate this look one of two ways:

You can go the all shades of grey route -

Jeans: Source of Wisdom Virtual Stretch Grey Skinny Jean ($52.00, Torrid)

Or, you could be more daring, and show a little bit of leg (But not as much as Jada) -

Shorts: Black Soft Shorts ($38.00, Torrid)

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