Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Wanna Go Shopping with... Nia Long

Nia Long is one of those actresses that always looks SO FLAWLESS that she makes me feel like even a bigger schlub than I normally feel! LOL I mean, did you see her in "The Best Man"?!?!? Not a hair out of place, the eyebrows PERFECTLY arched... she's the ish, take a whiff, man! LOL I definitely want to go on a shopping spree with this sistah... perhaps some of that effortless chic can rub off on me!

I love this look... it would be too much on anyone else, but it's just enough for her!!

L-O-V-E LOVE it!! The hat, the clutch.. not sure about her choice of shoes, but this look is style and a half!!

This is a look I am totally plan on rocking soon.... it's very very much my style

Hoop Earrings, Beautiful Braids, a soft red lip and a SMILE!! I'm all about that for 2011!

This is what I mean by flawless... if I wore something like this, I'd have lipstick, coffee, and cigarette ash all over it! LMAO


The same blazer as before, paired with a satiny dress to make a soft, and fabulous new look!!!

The twins are in full effect in this outfit!! LOL Love that nail polish she's wearing!!!

She manages to rock something I'd wear to do laundry on the red carpet and is WORKING it!!!! I need to add some cuteness to my casual looks.. that's it!!! LOL

The dress, the make up, the jewelry.... she's super shimmery in this ensemble! Love It!!!

Which celeb should I feature next on my list?!?!? Leave a comment with your pick!!!


  1. That woman is freaking GORGEOUS! Like WOW! I never even heard of her before !

  2. Hey Tasha! Wow, you've never heard of Nia Long?!?!? She's a very good actress. Check out "Love Jones", a great romantic movie she's in!!!