Tuesday, March 22, 2011

maniCURATIVE: Essie's Resort 2010 Collection - Turquoise & Caicos

cu·ra·tive (kyr-tv) adj.
1. Serving or tending to cure.
2. Of or relating to the cure of disease.

ma·ni·cu·ra·tive (mn-kyr-tv) n.
1. A cosmetic treatment of the fingernails, designed to lift your spirits and cure what ails you.
2. The newest from Miss Moon's Musings, dedicated to nail polish color.

I've been silently stalking this color since last year, concealing my drool whenever I'd spot it on some of my favorite bloggers. Primarily because rocking blue nails is not so daring and unique for me.

I gave in a few weeks ago, when I spotted the shade at a Duane Reade in Manhattan (Okay, why is it that some DR's are GREAT for cosmetics, and others are completely whack!?!?!?) and I scooped it up in record speed!!!!! Seeing as this past Sunday marked the Spring Equinox, I thought it was a fitting occasion to try out the new color for the week!!

Step One: Fill the Gap! Smoothing Base Coat
Step Two: Essie Resort 2010 Collection - Turquoise and Caicos (#720)
Step Three: No Chips Ahead Chip Free Top Coat

I am not a card-carrying member of "Team Essie", btw.... I've been using Fill the Gap! for months now and its the dopest base coat I've ever used!! I'm trying out No Chips Ahead for the first time, hoping that it will work just as well.

Here are the results:

Here's the just applied & drying (haven't cleaned it up yet...lol!) color. I must say that this color is unlike any shade of blue I've worn before... and frankly, I'm LOVING IT!!! I am digging that the color is this vibrant by natural light only!

To get this color, I used two coats of color and two coats of top coat... I am thinking for now on, I will only use a single coat of the top coat, as I did experience some slight bubbling along the surface of my nails... which is a major drag. Only time will tell if I experience any chips. I will be sure to post an update.

For a Miss Moon's Musing Video Extra to this post, be sure to check out my YouTube channel!!! Are you in dire need of a maniCURATIVE?!?!? What's YOUR go-to color for Spring?

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