Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Miss Moon's Musing About: My Top Five Spring Essentials!!

Although the weather in New York City may not be reflecting it, Spring is smack dab on the horizon and I am sure I am not the only one who's saying "Get here, already!!!!" LOL To usher in the change of season, I decided to make a list of my must-haves for Spring 2011

This year I decided not to submit to the PayLess version of Chuck Taylors (Which are dope, no jive!) for the real Mc-Chucks!!! I haven't pinpointed which colors I want, but for $39.50 at Delia*s, I may get two!!!

I've been obsessed with this dress (The aptly named "Audrey"!) from Kenema & Co., and I think that in order for me to get one in my size, I am going to have to have one made, though I plan on contacting the company first to see if they'd be willing to hook a sistah up!

For Spring, I keep gravitating to super bright and super dark shades.. and I cannot wait to rock these babies on my fingers and toes -

Top (Left to Right): Jamaica Me Crazy (Essie), Dead Calm (Rescue Beauty), Desire (Drs Remedy)

Bottom (Left to Right): Slushied (O.P.I. Sephora Glee Collection), Bachelorette Bash (Essie), Happy Go Lucky (China Glaze)

I've been really looking forward to trying a Roller Set for the spring (I wouldn't dare apply heat to my head during the winter!), and this nifty set from Conair is a great place to start!!

Here's the deal with this stuff... it is my CRAAAAAAAACCK!!!! I want to be cocooned in this scent 24/7/365.. It's soft and sultry and just a perfect scent for spring. Not to mention that this shea goodiness is ultra moisturizing (what better way to combat winter ash!!!)

What's your YOUR list for Spring?!?! Do tell, do tell!!!


  1. All of it sounds fabulous! Dis yun geechee gurl done picked up to pair of them dem Chuck Taylor's! I love them. They go with dresses and jeans.
    I found your site through google. My sister and I are 2 geechee girls living in Jersey and we sure like to hook up with geechee sistahs from around the way and down yonder. I think your site is really great! Keep up the wonderful work.
    Una be good now!
    Vanessa Brantley-newton

  2. Hi Vanessa!! Thank you for your kind words...a Geechee Girl (in spirit!) like me really appreciates it! Come back often! :)