Friday, June 17, 2011

Bad-ass Bloggers (BaBs): Meet the Pookalitas of Pooka Pure & Simple

One of the goodies in my Chic and Kinky Naturals Night Out gift bag was a sample of Pooka Pure & Simple's Shea n Olive Hair Butter, which my I have worn OUT since receiving it (The smell is intoxicating and my hair loved this stuff!!!).

I saw this as synchronicity at its finest because I have recently had the opportunity to learn more about the brand, and the wonderful women behind its jars (affectionately known as the Pookalitas) from Dawn Fitch, founder and creator of Pooka Pure & Simple.

Dawn, the story about how Pooka Pure & Simple came to creation is a fascinating one, truly the makings of a movie: After becoming ill and receiving no sound diagnosis from doctors, you began to explore holistic therapies, including aromatherapy and discovered a love of their healing properties. Many people fail to consider alternative therapies when they’re ill… what inspired you to consider outside avenues?

Well getting no sound diagnosis from the Drs. I really had no direction to go in. Since I couldn’t pinpoint the exact problem, it was hard to look for a diagnosis, so I figured I’d make an overall life change. Changing my nutrition and living a more holistic lifestyle I knew would benefit me no matter what the problem was.

I am a sucker for sisterhood, and I love the fact that Pooka Pure & Simple is a collaborative effort between you and three of your closest and dearest friends, aka “The Pookalitas”, and with them you manage every aspect of Pooka from sales, to marketing and to finance. Would you say you were blessed to be surrounded by such talented women, or has the creation of the company been a catalyst for them to realize they had these talents?

Oh definitely BLESSED, LOL! The funny thing is when we started the business we each had the exact talents that we needed. Tricia had a degree in finance, Donna in communcations. April in communications/marketing and mine was in Graphic Design. When GOD works it out, HE works it out perfectly!

People can learn more about you and the Pookalitas by visiting your blog, aptly named, The Pookalitas at . I’ll tell you, The Braxtons have NOTHING on your soul sister circle (Can we get them a reality show, please??!?)!! Can you tell us a little bit about each of the Pookalitas and your favorite quality they possess?

First off, GREAT QUESTIONS, LOL!! You’re good at what you do! Well we’re each in different phases of life, so most women can connect with at least one of us.

I’m single and searchin, LOL!! All of the other 3 pookalitas got married 5 years ago within in 2 months of each other!! Donna is still married and loving it, deciding on how and if she will extend her family, Tricia is the mom to a 2 year old and dealing with all that comes with that, Aprils husband unfortunately passed away only 6 months after they were married from a heart attack and she is now raising 2 boys.

My sisters are amazing women and a favorite quality would be Donna Dependable, she always there for you, Tricia Tenacious, shes loyal and never gives up and April Awe Inspiring, after all she’s been through, shes a great mom and friend to all!

Dawn, as a Pookalita you are not exempt from this question. What is a favorite quality you possess?

hmmmm........I have a good sense of humor and I love to laugh and make other people laugh!

Let’s get to the nitty gritty and the topic I am sure many of my readers will want to know about: Pooka Pure & Simple’s Products. As someone who is definitely in love with scents I’m curious about the story behind each collection and their signature scents. What type of person do you envision liking each collection?

Caliente Man: Well we say this one is for the Hot Fellas, but the ladies who love musk also love this one too!!
Citrus Basil: Clean and Fresh! This one we call the anti-fruity! It’s soapy clean.
Coconut Crunch: This one is for the island lovers, a very soft coconut breeze!
Foot Fetish: This one should be mandatory for all, LOL! For the ladies and the gents, everything you need for smooth, fresh smellin’ toes!
Guava: This is one of our tops scents! Very fruity, we have to remind people not to drink it!
Honey Almond: A fan favorite! A smooth almond scent, the honey just adds a light, sweet note to this blend.
Papaya: Soft and sultry...Although this is Papaya it has a hint of gardenia in it, not too sweet.
Pomegranate: We never thought anything could give Guava a run for its money but this scent does. A delicious, sweet, pomegranate!
Vanilla Sand: We call this one Vanilla on the Beach! Not the ordinary vanilla this one has a spicy kick to it! This is for our earthy, zen folks.

Dawn, you had me at Vanilla Sand... that scents sounds like it's right up my alley! You can expect an order from me soon (My hair really wants some more that that Shea n Olive Hair Butter).

Did any of those scents call out to you? Be sure to visit Pooka Pure & Simple online at You can also expect an official review from me in the upcoming weeks, in the meantime, check out Chai from's experiences using Shea n Olive Hair Butter.

Be sure to visit The Pookalitas at:

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