Sunday, June 19, 2011

Be Blessed: And Take a Moment to Meditate - Part Two

"I pray to be like the ocean, with soft currents, maybe waves at times. More and more, I want the consistency rather than the highs and the lows."
~ Drew Barrymore

Nothing relaxes me more than a trip to the ocean. Laying on the warm sand, the sun shining brightly on me, the sounds of seagulls and waves crashing around me. I get drowsy just thinking about it!! LOL

Because for many of us, our trips to the beach are solely on the weekends (And let's face it... the beach on a weekend is far from tranquil), this week's guided meditation from The Meditation Society of Australia is the perfect "in the meantime" escape until you're physically burrowing your toes in the sand. Let it serve as a reminder that our lives are very much like the ocean: tranquil at times, sometime turbulent, power and expansive. Just like we are.

This week, I will listen to the ocean to relax and renew.

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