Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Miss Moon's Musing About: Chic and Kinky's Naturals Night Out

I've had tickets to Chic and Kinky's Naturals Night Out since shortly after they went on sale in February. I could not wait to attend an event here in NYC solely for the Natural Hair Community, and the people behind the event did not disappoint!!!

The event, held at the beautiful Openhouse Gallery in Soho, brought women from all over NYC to socialize and bask in our natural beauty. My date for the event was of course... my Bestie Natasha:

I was having some major camera issues (It's time to invest in a new one, for real!), but I did manage to get several of the lovely ladies in attendance to agree to have their pictures taken. A highlight of the event was people watching and getting some incredible style inspiration.. Style was definitely in abundance -

Moments after describing Aldo's GORGEOUS Tribal Print Sobeslava Wedges, I spot this lovely lady (Who was representing Georgia NY) rocking them. They're only available on the Aldo website in taupe now, but according to her they're super comfortable!) I love the combination of the shoes with her gorgeous dress.. and how drool-worthy are those black bangles!!

I spotted this Curly Cutie, Keisha, hangin' in the VIP section. I love her maxi dress, denim jacket, divine hair and plum lips... gorgeous! She also has a DOPE ASS YouTube Channel and blog, so be sure to check them out! Must give love to my Bajan Brooklyn girls!

I am so mad at my poopie camera for not capturing this gorgeous woman's hair. The fire red highlights in her curls just accentuated her beautiful skin!

A pleasant surprise was meeting Margie from Celestial Souls (If you recall, I previewed her DOPE Celestial Crown Shower Caps). I am kicking myself for not taking a photo, but it was beautiful meeting with her and her family and of course getting a new cap!!! Tee Hee!!! I also got a scoop from Margie herself that she will be coming out with a Collection of Satin Caps very soon... I am going to be all over that one!!!!

Another highlight of Naturals Night Out was the fashion show!!!
The models assembling for photos before their walk down the runway!!!!

It was great seeing the people selected to model (Some were professionals, I think) strut their stuffs!!!

I didn't snap too many photos of myself, but Natasha snapped this one of me!!!

It was an amazing event from Chic and Kinky!! I look forward to attending their future events.. but for the next one, I will be sure to have a better camera! LOL