Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Little [VAN HUNT] for a Saturday Night

Tonight is the last Saturday Night in June. I know that I promised to share a Jazz song, but I fell in love with a song this week that I had to post instead, as now seems like the most fitting time to share it. (Those of you that like the Miss Moon's Musings FaceBook page might already know where I'm going with this... LOL)

I hope that in listening to "June" by Van Hunt, you will fall in love with this song as I did! I swear this song is like drinking a couple of glasses of good wine... Instant Mellow!!! It's also fitting, that as I was thinking this song would be PERFECT for a June wedding, that New York State was passing a bill allowing same sex marriage, which will ultimately make this wonderful place I call home the sixth, and largest, state in the union to adopt gay marriage. I have never been more proud to be a New Yorker!!! Love is love, y'all, and I hope that the song for a Saturday Night will inspire love for all of you.

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