Friday, February 17, 2012

Let's Talk Tresses Friday: What #naturalhair stereotype do you wish would die?!?

When you'd ask someone on the street about women with natural hair, many people have a lot of preconceived notions: We're all hippy-dippy, tofu-eating, no shaving, bohemian Earth Mamas....

The reality? Some of us are.... but just some of us. Truth be told, there is not ONE WAY to be natural. Just like there is not one way to be black, or blonde, or redhead, or female!!

What stereotype about women with natural hair needs to be dead and buried?!? Leave a comment and sound off!


  1. natural hair is not professional. 

    wearing your fro => people think you haven't comb your hair... not yet!

  2. Yes, definitely!!!!! I believe I have encountered that a few times when applying for jobs! I hope as natural hair becomes more mainstream that I won't have to face it, however I love being the person who shatters that false belief!

  3. Hi!!!! I'm newly natural :) The other night a guy asked me if my boyfriend was "dark skinned" because  apparently only "dark skinned" men like natural hair... smh
    How do they come up with this stuff?!

  4. OMG, how did you not laugh all up in his face for saying some ignorant ish like THAT?!?! LMAO