Friday, February 3, 2012

Let's Talk Tresses Friday: Where do YOU go to get #naturalhair Inspiration?!?

The internet is a FANTABULOUS place to get inspired when stuck in a rut about your natural hair. You can watch YouTube tutorials on the latest and greatest updo, crack open a magazine, or read your favorite blog (I hope you all have checked out my "I Heart Her Hair" posts!!)... or do like I always do, check out natural hair images on Google.

The fabulous folks over at House of Mikko have now added another source for inspiration, their new "I Love Your Hair" app, available today for download for iPhones and iPads!!

The I Love Your Hair app is designed to be a source of beauty inspiration for the everyday woman on the go!!! Not only can you search for the best do' for that special occasion, you can submit your own lovely locks to inspire others. Blogger Betty Confidential put it best, "Its like instagram and Twitter for Hair." Check out this video for more on the app!

Android users (Like me!), don't worry... the Android compatible app in presently in the works!!!

Where you get your inspiration? For my iPod/iPad users, will you be downloading the app? If you have already... what are your thoughts?!?


  1. Sorry I didn't know where to post this, but did you see this Curly Nikki interview with Cree Summer? She is married, a mother and working on a new album! I know you are a huge fan as well, so I had to run over here to see if you read it. 

  2. I did read that article... I actually new a while about Cree's growing family. It was tough as heck keeping it a secret! LOL