Monday, February 6, 2012

Music Therapy with Miss Moon

" I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."
~ Nelson Mandela

Happy Monday, everybody! This week's Music Therapy with Miss Moon song choice comes from a play I was fortunate to go see a few weeks ago!

When I discovered that Adam Pascal was starring in the Broadway musical "Memphis", I knew I had to go, and as an after-Christmas present to myself, I bought a pretty damn good ticket to go see the show (I was four rows from the stage.... Oh yeah, boss shyte!). Keep in mind I had a small idea of what the play was about, and was very unfamiliar with the songs.

Why did I choose to go when I was newly unemployed and had not a lot of money to spend on frivolities like theatre tickets? Huddle up, y'all... and I will dish: it's... the VOICE. That man's voice is BANANAS!!!

It doesn't hurt that he's cute, too! LOL

But I digress... I ended up falling in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with the play! So much so, that I've been watching the DVD of the Original Broadway Cast constantly on Netflix (It's streaming, so check it out!). Chad Kimball, who originated the roll of Huey Calhoun is also pretty damn adorable, too.... And Lord LOVE Montego Glover!!! One of my favorite songs from the musical is one that resonates so strongly with me, as I am sure it will for many of you that read these words. Which is precisely why I chose it for this week's song. It's one that women in 2012 can empathize with, though its being sung by someone living in the 50s... I know I've felt this way before!

Sung by the GLORIOUS Montego Glover (I have a decent singing voice, but I would do a Little Mermaid type deal for her's in a heart beat!)....I hope you all will enjoy the beautiful and powerful, "Colored Woman".

Some got chances, some got choices,
Some got freedom in these states.
Colored women got few chances,
Got few choices on our plates.

Mama told me there are limits
For dark-skinned girls stuck in this light-skinned world.
Once in a while I lose myself in dreams-
A silly girl full of silly schemes.

Now along comes a man whose skin is white and pale,
A shiny fool full of shiny tales.
He says he'll make the people hear me.
He'll force this world to fin'ly see me.
Is he a lie like ev'ry other man
Or Lord could he somehow,
Could he somehow,
Could he somehow help to free me?

Mama told me not to dream big,
But Mama lived her life running scared.
I am stronger and I'll fight longer!
I'll do what Mama never even dared!

Colored women with few chances,
Has to do what she must do!
I will make my colored dreams come true!
For this is one colored woman who will color
Her life...
Her way.

If you are in NYC or plan on visiting in the near future, make sure you go see "Memphis". For tickets, visit I will definitely be seeing this play again in the upcoming months!!!

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