Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Wanna Go Shopping With... M.I.A

This is another moment, where I can literally hear some of you having the Vinyl Record Needle Scratch sound in your heads when you read the title of this post! LOL Some of you (hopefully!) went "Oh, hells yeah!", in which you can appreciate where I am coming from!

Say what you want about M.I.A, she has a style that sure enough gets her noticed. And while 50% of the time, I am not bowled over an entire outfit she's rocking... There are in almost every circumstance a piece or two that makes me want to yell "Get in my closet!!!!", which is why I would love to go shopping with her. I also think it would probably be the most interesting shopping trip I've ever gone on in my life!!!

I love her ability to mix patterns and have the results look strangely cohesive and harmonious! Plus, those shades are DOPE!
That top, those nails, electric blue tights?!?! I'm there!

Those leggings = YES!!!

I heart this jacket!! I think on anyone else it would look like Blanche from "The Golden Girls", but on her it rocks!

I want this tee!!!

I am diggin' every single lick of accessories she has on in this picture!!

Love the dress, love the clutch!!!

This is hands down the outfit I would wear, like, TOMORROW.. if we were the same size. But alas...

So gorgeous!

 I am so recreating this photo one day!

Those shades!!


  1. I love her style! I really love that blue and white lace dress too!

  2. Yay!! I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one! Thanks for visiting, Brittney! :)