Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Miss Moon's Musing About: My Five Spring Must-Haves for 2012!!

Spring has officially sprung across the globe, and although I'm (unfortunately!) still unemployed, that doesn't mean there aren't items on my "To Buy" list! Spring essentials, if you will, that would definitely make my days brighter! So let's get right down to it, y'all!!!

First up on my list is a two-fer (So yes, it's being counted as one!) courtesy of Simply Be. I LOVE this outfit! I think it is very, very "Audrey Hepburn discovers Color Blocking".. which I think makes for an AWESOME combination! I love the Tipped Shirt, which I can totally see rocking on a job interview, and then wearing it with the Color Jeans in Wine (as pictured) on the first day of work! LOL Speaking of colored jeans...

I have two pairs of skinny jeans, which I love, but are both way too big on me now (First sign that Miss Moon's Getting Healthy? Could be...). I think I am definitely in need of an upgrade, and since it's all about vibrant, jewel toned colors... why not rock some colorful skinny jeans? I'm am really diggin' these Colored Slim Leg Jeans from The Avenue. Blue is my favorite color, and I can see myself rocking these jeans with loads of different combinations... including with the Tipped Shirt I just mentioned!

I know it doesn't seem like it here in NYC, what with the 80 degree(!!) weather and all, but April showers do indeed bring May flowers. Spring is definitely the time to invest in a good jacket to wear over your clothes. And for me, I always try to pick a simple black one that I can jazz up with a funky spring scarf. My pick is the Women's Plus Short Trench Coat by Old Navy, which is my go to place for savings and style with savoir faire. (I swear, if this blog had a drinking game... it would be take a shot every time I went the alliteration route! lol)

I've mentioned before that I've adopted a fitness routine that includes walking for an hour a day 5-6 days a week. I've recently upped the stakes and walk twice a day, giving me essentially two hours of exercise each day that I do it. A lot of the time I walk and listen to music that motivates me to keep going. Recent favorites have been "Radio" from the hit Broadway show Memphis, "Tortoise and The Hare" by the amazing Jazzyfatnastees, and (Don't judge me) "Did it On 'Em'" by Nicki Minaj. Yes, I have a very eclectic taste in music! LOL

But the number one song that I play during my walks is "The Woman Who" by the beautiful Lamya (who left this Earth way too soon!), which is such an amazing song about, well, the woman who changes her life, makes her dreams come true, and lives happily ever after... wearing her "red magic shoes", as the lyrics say. Which of course, is my motivation for getting the Converse Ox sneakers in Cinnabar. This item is one I've actually purchased and am currently waiting to receive. I am well on my path to bettering myself, but I'm certain a pair of red magic shoes will help me travel the course in style! :)

This last item is obviously a "when I get my first paycheck" purchase, unless I hit lotto (which I don't play, so it's unlikely) or some rich person stumbles across this blog and goes "Hey! I like this plucky gal's style, I'm going to buy this bag for her!" (Which is equally as unlikely! LOL), but I am madly in love with this Fiorelli Large Havana Satchel from Asos, so hopefully it will still be in stock when my finances are. LOL

What has caught your eye and is on your list of Spring Must-Haves? Leave a comment with the items you're most excited about (Links would be great, too!)


  1. I am actually looking to invest in some Converse sneakers....always wanted to get a pair.

  2. Delia*s has them in a rainbow of colors and they are not expensive!!! I love mine!!!