Tuesday, March 12, 2013

:::drools::: Afro-licious Finds from Etsy - Part Seven!

Yep!! It's that time again!! Time for me to share the bounty I've recently discovered for Naturalovlies on Etsy. This time, as with my previous installments, I beg you....do NOT read this blog if today is pay day. Trust me, you'll thank me for it!! LOL

Retro Afro Girl Wall Art ($24.99, Walkingdeadpromotion Etsy Shop)

If you are a super hero in training, a Foxy Brown wannabe, a comic book queen, or all of the above...  you NEED this for your crib. This decal comes in a wide assortment of colors that will be sure to make your space SUPER!!

Afro Lady Earrings ($8.00, MissFlyGurl Etsy Shop)

How adorable are these earrings?!? Just look at her cute little puff? These light-weight earrings come in black, bronze, silver and gold tones and you just can't beat the price!

Afro Woman Phone Cover ($15.50, pixelpoesy Etsy Shop)

Have an Iphone 4, 4S, or 5? How about a Samsung Galaxy S3? If so, allow me to introduce you to  what might possibly be...your new phone cover!! As someone who has neither of these phones... I'm totally jelly! LOL

Afro Queen Lime Masai Beaded Brass Earrings ($28.00, AfriqueLaChic Etsy Shop)

Just when I think that AfriqueLaChic can do nothing else to make me gasp, swoon, and drool heavily.... I spot these earrings. Let's just say I will be adding these babies to my collection... SOON!!!

Hair Peace Tee Shirt ($19.95, ThreeLittleBirdsTees Etsy Shop)

You gotta think pink with this gorgeous tee!!! I love everything about it (except its sold out in my size.. .Waaah!) and I love the message behind it.

That is it for part seven of my life of Afro-licious finds from Etsy. But never fear... I will be back next week with part eight!! In the meantime, be sure to leave a comment letting me know which item from today's list is your favorite!!

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