Friday, March 22, 2013

Miss Moon Gets Healthy.... And TOTALLY Rewards Herself with Food!!

I know, I know... I've written in the past about how you shouldn't reward yourself with food, and I'm proud to say I've stuck by that resolution. But....

Rather than dedicate a whole paragraph to an excuse or any other justification I pulled out of my bum, I'm just going to post a picture of this:

That, ladies and gentlemen is a GREEN TEA LAVA CAKE. Say it with me, y'all: green...tea...lava...cake.

Everything about that makes me scream "Get in mah stomach!!", but even though I discovered this culinary proof that there is a Divine presence in the Universe that loves us weeks ago, I haven't magically materialized to Spot Dessert Bar here in NYC to partake. Oh no...

I've decided that I'm going to make a little deal with myself. If I go to the gym 10 times starting this week, I will treat myself to this confection next month.

Am I a huge hypocrite? Yes... is it backsliding? Absolutely....

But look at that picture!!! ROTFLMAO


  1. yooooooooooooooooooooooooo! The next time I'm in NY, we GOTTA go here!

  2. Doesn't it, though?

  3. You are SO on!!!