Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wanna Wanna Wednesdays... Luxor Couture's Dashiki Fabric Print Purse

So last week when I was scouring Etsy for the most recent installment of my Afro-licious finds from Etsy, I stumbled across this bag. And I have to admit... I stopped everything I was doing to stare longingly at this bag for a couple of minutes. Okay, like fifteen minutes. Make it thirty! lol

This bag ($100.00, Luxor Couture - Etsy) is not cheap, but it's certainly gorgeous and it's certainly on my Wanna Wanna Wanna wish list. Imagine rocking this with a pair of jeans and blazer? How about with a cute little sundress come summer? The options are endless!!

What say you all on the Dashiki Fabric Print Purse? Would you rock it or knock it? If you're a-rockin'... how would you dress to wear it?


  1. I wanna wanna wanna too! That would be a dope baby bag if it were bigger! I'm gonna check out this etsy shop! Thanks for posting! P.S. I got your comment. Yes I am registered at Target/Babies R US. But you certainly don't have to get me anything! So Kind of you!

  2. That would be an AWESOME baby bag!!!!!!!!!!! Unf!!!