Tuesday, March 19, 2013

:::drools::: Afro-licious Finds from Etsy - Part Eight

I'm back with the next installment of my Afro-licious finds from Etsy!! These next few goods are sure to make you drool heavily!! Let's get started!!

Sirena Ribbed Tank ($24.00, HabanaBrandClothing - Etsy)

Those of you who know me knows I am a sucker for all things mermaid . I love love love this gorgeous graphic tank top!!

Natural Hair Bottle Cap Magnets (Set of 4) ( $7.99, DimplePins - Etsy)

I'm presently on the hunt for a brand new Casa di Miss Moon here in Brooklyn (If any of you know of a nice two-family home that won't break the bank, drop me a line!) and I am tempted to pick these up now to motivate me to make the move ASAP. I can imagine these having a place of honor on the fridge!!

The " Soul Flower" Tee Shirt ($24.95, Yeslioness - Etsy)

Yes Lioness has done it once again!!! I took one look at this tee and I instantly heard "Let the Sunshine In" in my head.... I think this tee is a must have for grey, dreary days!!! And two snaps up for having this tee in plus sizes!!

Afro Diva Wall Decor ($80.00, Scattabraincreations - Etsy)

How perfect is this for an instant retro style room? This little lady is waiting patiently to hang out at your crib!!! Check her out!

iAfro, iLoc, iTwist Tees ($26.00, iAfro - Etsy)

If you are looking for a simplistic way of letting the world know your preferred method for rockin' your hair, you cannot go wrong with one of these snazzy tees!!!

Au Natural Earrings ($14.50, LeatherCandy - Etsy)

Who doesn't love statement earrings that REALLY makes a statement? Coming in a wide array of color combos, these pieces will be sure to adorn the most fabulous naturalistas!!!

Which item tops your list? Be sure to leave a comment with your pick!

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