Friday, July 24, 2009

Champions of Crackheadedness - Cambridge PD

I had to wait a few days to process the situation surrounding the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr. for breaking into his own home. The situation was just so ripe with stupidity (and for lack of a better - or real word, crackheadedness) that I had to really compose myself. I know I call this blog my Rantings, Ramblings and Revelations... but sometimes it's better to voice your outrage coherently, you know?

I have been in the situation where I've been locked out of my home, as I am sure many people in the world has. I know for my personal experiences... the first thing I did was break out my old high school i.d., which works as good as a credit card. If it's a choice between waiting hours for someone to get home or jimmy the lock.. guess what? I'm jimmying the lock.

The Cambridge Police report says that Gates "exhibited loud and tumultuous behavior.". How did they expect someone to respond in the same situation. Once it had been adequately established that he was the proper owner of the house, the police should have dropped the situation. And the police officers who refused to provide their identification show me that the scenario is bogus: if they didn't have anything to hide, why refuse to provide their badge numbers?

This whole situation reminds me of the Dave Chappelle joke from "Killin' them Softly"

"He's still here!"

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