Saturday, July 11, 2009

damn....damn.....DAMN!!!!!!! (My People, Why?)

I love all the members of the black family, but like family.... sometimes they really need a foot in the ass for the stupid, stupid things they do. I always find myself subconsciously quoting Jean "Stevie" Stevenson's Mama (from April Sinclair's book "Coffee Will Make You Black"), "This is why the white folks don't want to go to school with ya!". And I hate that that thought even enters my mind.. but damn, y'all... our people really really need to get it together!

So last night, I find this thought-provoking and challenging video on YouTube. It's a mock-PSA for "Anti-Coonery", with features Nas saying that TRUE hip hop will die if B.S. like this continues. Finding the video dope as hell, I posted it on my Facebook page, as I am posting it below:

TWO..BLOODY...HOURS later, I find this video and... I don't have the words:

Why is it whenever we make a step forward, people like this seem hell-bent to push us back? I mean the children gobbling down the chicken is reminiscent of that archival footage of the two children eating watermelon. Where does humor end and buffoonery begin? And how can we, on one hand blast Fox News for blatant racism, when our own people are working hard to perpetuate racist stereotypes.

I'm black. I enjoy fried chicken. And you best believe my fried chicken is the bomb... but you won't see me making a video in some slave-quarter shanty town set and feature little children inhaling fried chicken like they were poisoned and Popeye's was the antidote.

I think it boils down to the whole "are we laughing with them or at them"? And that makes me wonder if when non-blacks watch this video... are they laughing with us, or at us?

I think one comment from the Miss Peachez video sums the whole thing up. YouTube user Lailum simply typed, "THANK YOU GOD THANK YOU FOR NOT MAKING ME BLACK THANK YOU     AMEN"

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