Friday, July 17, 2009

Wedding Stuff: Where to Have the Wedding?!?!?

I always knew that if I was going to jump the broom, I'd be doing it in Brooklyn. So when Chris proposed, I immediately had thoughts about a "Big, Fat Brooklyn" wedding! An intimate, fun party that best reflects Chris' and my tastes and personalities.

And I wanted our wedding to be held someplace unique and beautiful. Prospect Park? Nope. Botanical Gardens? Not so much. Tobacco Warehouse? Done to DEATH!!!

And no offense to (many of) the banquet halls in Brooklyn... but, no! Gaudy is TOTALLY not our style. I mean, stuffed swans on the Buffet Table? I'm talking to you, Euphoria!! LOL

So I have my heart set on TWO restaurants in Brooklyn, which are both in walking distance to a park (perfect for pictures).. and both funky, earthy, beautiful and classy at the same time.

The first restaurant is one I've actually eaten at: Madiba Restaurant in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn. FANTASTIC food and drinks and steps away from Ft. Green Park.

The second place I haven't been to yet, but fell in love with after seeing photos of this wedding held there online... and I <3 the name for obvious reasons! LOL My Moon Restaurant in Williamsburg Brooklyn has Turkish cuisine and it happens to be a beautiful space!!

My favorite feature from My Moon is their GREAT mural -

So these are my choices (for now)... being that the wedding is two years away, I reserve the right to change my mind several times for the remainder of the year! LOL

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