Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dear Mister or Miss Anonymous

So I received a comment to the blog I posted a few days ago, in response to Chris Parry's article about the hateful and blatantly racist Free Republic blog comments directed at Malia Obama:

" I guess you missed the update, it seems this trash journalist Chris Parry was outed as a KOS poster Hollywoodoz who had called for 'attacking "negros" and blaming Republicans" in his writing. He was outed for planting comments like this at Free Republic and several sites. He even went on that site to try to defend himself and instead ended up admitting to creating several accounts to do this. His comments on KOZ are far more vile and racist than anything he brought up in his column. "

I in turn, did to this comment what the moderators at Free Republic should have done to the comments calling a child "a typical street whore": rejected it. With a quickness.

I wanted to post this blog (and include his/hers comment) because I researched the claim that Chris Parry is a plant who stirs up controversy. After many links containing Chris Parry the jewelery designer and (of course) links to previous articles written by Parry I actually find a link that is relevant to the claims of Anonymous' comments.... a link from (surprise surprise) Free Republic.

Of course I found other blogs and websites that posted these claims, but they all source back to FR.

So thanks for posting your comments, Ole Anony-HITANDMISS, but unless this claim is being reported from CNN, MSNBC or any other credible news source, I am going to have to call your no-named reporting, simply... bullshit.

Peace from Brooklyn!

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  1. I agree, in the face of an incident like this, who is going to take the word of some unknown blogger who pops up and spouts information from a source they don't bother to identify or appearently verify. Anyhoo, for more important matter...I wonder where Malia got her T-shirt I am really feeling it! lol