Saturday, July 18, 2009

:::drools::: (Part Deux) Mo' Afro Lady Handbags...

So, I am a huge believer of the LOA (That's Law of Attraction for anyone who's never watched/read "The Secret"). One of the main lessons I've learned from The Secret is "What you think about, you bring about".

I was thinking of an old friend and hours later(!) I spot her leaving a comment for another friend on FaceBook, and I am so super-giddy-dorky happy to get back in touch with her. It was this particular friend (Shout out to you, Soul Sister!) that gave me the inspiration to look up a particular fabric I had seen of hers, which lead me down the rabbit hole to finding the Adelaide Soul Sisters handbag I was drooling about a few days go!

Today my hubby-to-be and I were walking about Nostrand running errands ( I had to pick up some Marley Hair, as I am finally going to start my kinky twists tomorrow) and I spot this beautiful woman walking down Fulton Street with... a handbag with an Afro lady on it that was GORGEOUS! I almost got hit by a car to ask her where she purchased her bag. She told be she bought it at a store in Harlem that is no longer in business (bummer!)... but I took it as a sign. A sign that we needed more drooling in this blog. LOL

So I combed the internet and found an awesome array of Afro Sistah inspired handbags! I told y'all... I get downright fanatical about these things.. especially when I get confirmation from The Divine that I am thinking about something positive for me.

First up, is an alternative to the regular ole "green" shopping bags... How about showing off your napptural pride with this Fab Flower Tote from Boutique Mix. It's reasonable priced at $25, and they have loads of other Afro Lady styles to choose from.

This bag is one specifically close to my heart... not only do I love rocking my natural hair, but I have since childhood been obsessed with mermaids, especially black ones. This Afro Chick Clutch, by Diana Corvelle are one of a kind, and can be requested. There are no prices on the site (which to me translates as $$$$$$), but I am going to bookmark her site anyway.. because this bag would be the perfect 32nd birthday pressie to myself this year!

This one is SOOOOO ADORABLE and uber inexpensive (two of my favorite qualities in a handbag!). Priced at $39.99, this tote from Miguel Ruis (which is eerily enough.. the name of a boy I had a serious crush on in 5th grade.. how cuckoo would it be if it was the same dude! LOL) is available to purchase from It also has a matching cosmetic bag, which is (sadly) sold separately.

Last, but certainly not least is this GORGEOUS Lil Afro Line Purse from Junkprint (Who's a Nappturality friend from Brooklyn, so YA KNOW I had to shout her out!!)... Found the bag during my search and realized after recording the info that Hey.. I know this Sistah!!! You GOTTA love synchronicity...

Priced at $70, this is TOTALLY not your Mama'a Afro Lady bag... This is going on my "to get" list, just because I know that it would be an attention grabber!

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  1. Great post!
    Thanks for the shout out!
    You know I love any and everything afro-related!
    I have a couple of Afro Bags (of course!)
    I can't post links in comment but one is at the "Diva Tote" in brown!

    Thanks again for the love!
    Enjoy your Kinky Twists!!!