Monday, July 27, 2009

:::drools::: Tracee Ellis Ross-style for Plus Size Fashionistas

This November I am turning 32, and it was my New Year's Resolution to make my personal style a little more grown and sexy (emphasis on the grown!). Though I will always love bell bottoms, vintage tees and flip flops, I thought that my professional look could definitely use a makeover, especially since I am currently job searching.

I decided to use Tracee Ellis Ross (and her character Joan Clayton from "Girlfriends") as a style icon. I really like how she makes boho sexy and professional at the same time, and I set forth looking for ways to incorporate her style into my own.

The biggest hurdle has been my size. I've learned only recently was the best way to lose weight is to love who you are at any size. And it was adopting that attitude that has helped me drop 2 sizes in the past few years. And while my weight loss journey is only beginning, I shouldn't have to wait until I've reached my ultimate goal to get my Tracee Swagger on, you know?

So I've scanned the internet for photographs of T.E.R. looking fabulous as always. Then I searched my favorite online stores that are big-girl friendly for these two outfits inspired by Tracee's.

For this look, I pair the Show Boat Dress by Blue Plate (available for $49.00 at Alight) with the Saddlery Buckle Bag ($58 at Urban Outfitters).

I completed (I wish I could see what shoes she's wearing in this outfit because it doesn't feel finished without shoes) the ensemble with these earrings from Torrid ($8 - can't beat 'em!)

These earrings seem to be a go-to accessory for Tracee, as they can also be used for this outfit

I love this one! Wouldn't it be fantastic for a summer date? For this outfit, I found the Smock Top Maxi Dress by Fashion Love on Alight ($39). The Black Pinstriped Inset Crest Button Vest, Black Finella Gladiator Heel, and the Black and White Roccoco Print Bead Handle Hobo are all from Torrid!


  1. very hotttt! i absolutely luv those shoes & that bag! i luv boho fashion but, unfortunately, i don't like to shop much...i need a personal assistant who will work pro per...LOLOL!

  2. OOOH! Don't you love Alight?! And I totally forgot about Torrid, thanks for poppin' that one back in my memory.

  3. I am so happy that I found your blog while surfing the net. I didn't know about alight, but I knew about Torrid. I love sundresses and alight has a fabulous selection of them. Thanks a million!

  4. You are very welcome, Shandra! Be sure to keep reading, I try to do my celebrity inspired fashions for plus sizes every few weeks!

    Peace from Brooklyn!