Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Champions of Crackheadedness: Save Our Souls

So this clip has been circulating around the Blackternet (that's black internet, y'all) for a few days and what I find most shocking is not so much the behavior of little Tangueray and Cristal (That's the names I've given them!)... but the comments this video has inspired out of people. This is one example:

"If I ever caught my daughter doing that shit, I'd beat her azz so hard, she won't have no azz to make jump!"

Here's my problem with that. If you are raising your daughters right and instilling in them love of self... you wouldn't catch them booty popping in a children's party. Tangueray and Cristal was taught by someone that this was not only acceptable, but that it was adorable and a great way to get attention. Yes!! Let's teach of prepubescent daughters how to sexualize themselves for attention. Why wait for the media to do it?!?!?

Frankly, if anyone deserves to get their asses beat (and I don't condone violence).. it's their Mamas. But I have a feeling that these women have been exposed to enough violence in their worlds, so perhaps what I would really do is enroll both Mothers and Daughters into a Self Esteem workshop.

We need some more Iyanla Vanzant's in the world... a lot less booty tootin' sistahs!!!

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  1. See this shizz makes me wanna go kick my niece's ass just for good measure. Where is their mama's?!?!?!?? Who taught them this ((prolly they're mama!!!))