Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DOPE: Full Figure Potential by Georgia Me

This particular poem was something I had to post as a result of a Twitter exchange I had with a stranger tonight. I twittered that I missed my hair and was contemplating taking the kinky twists out a month early, and posted a picture of myself to emphasis the point. I received a comment that simply stated "You would look much better if you dieted"

Excuse me? I am talking about my hair and posted a picture of myself to illustrate the love I have of my kinky curly hair in its natural state, not to receive advice on what some random person thinks I should do with my life. As a big girl, I am used to comments and statements like this. So I asked him or her if their comments was meant to voice concern for my health or were they simply being snarky to make themselves feel better, to which my new friend replied "Concern for your health, of course".

Right. which is why you said that I would LOOK much better if I dieted. And this is why your twitter page says that you feel "fat people should be double taxed". Not that I would feel healthier or lessen my chance for serious health issues if I dieted. I decided not to engage this person in debate further, I simply blocked them. But I wanted to post this poem because my size is only a small part of who I am.

I have in the last few years went down several sizes and I am looking forward to getting even smaller. What I realized was that weight loss will not come as a result of simple dieting. It will come when you love your form as is. I started losing weight when I was able to look at myself in the mirror and say, "You are beautiful". No "BUTS", no "HOWEVERS". The moment I "found God in myself" and "loved her fiercely", like Ntozake Shange writes, I was able to take better care of myself and I know I am progressing and ever-evolving in this matter.

So I dedicate this to all women, with the message to love yourselves (and not post snarky comments on stranger's twitter pages! lol)

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