Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yay! My first Ramble-a-Palooza on Blogger!!

When I had my previous blog on MySpace, quite often I would ramble on about news, items, and other pop cultural tidbits that decided to share space in my head. When I made the big move over to Blogger and started this blog, I hadn't felt compelled to do much rambling. Until tonight. To paraphrase the Jamie Foxx song, blame it on the ty-ey-ey-ey-ey-lenol. LOL

I've been bedridden for the past few days with a summer cold that is straight up kicking my arse, and in a medicine induced stupor I settled down to watch a few hours of the mind numbing entertainment that is VH1's dating shows: Megan Wants a Millionaire, My Antonio and Real Chance of Love 2. I've called these shows brain crack on numerous occasions and they never cease to disappoint in their utter, utter suckiness!!

Why does Megan Hauserman have her own television show? At least with Antonio Sabato, Jr. and The Stallionaires there is a minute ounce of charm and personality. But Megan has the joi de vivre of an old mop (and not even the "Baby, Come Back" mops in the Swiffer commercials). She has zero affect most of the time and there is only a brief flicker of humanity when she is present with her ugly little chihuahua and of course with whatever ugly baubles her suitors and "given the option of" presenting her. I am not expecting much when watching VH1 shows, but COME ON!!!!!

Which leads me to My Antonio. Never was a huge ASJ fan (though I did enjoy his chemistry with Shannen Doherty the few times he was on Charmed), but it was the commercial that made me have to watch to confirm a suspicion I had when I saw it. "Hey.... ain't that lil Indian girl a porn star?!?!?"

And of course my suspicions were confirmed. Anju the "Party Planner" is AJ Khan. Anyone with Cinemax has no doubt stumbled across her in such films as "Kinky Kong" and "The Lord of the G-Strings".. those uber silly softcore porn/spoofs that I have to admit find as titillating as a hemorrhoid, but funny as hell! Sadly she was kicked off the first episode for "scaring" Antonio. Awww

And last.... but certainly not least... the Stallionaires on Real Chance of Love 2. I have to admit, I fell dead ass asleep half way through the episode. It was like my brain went into banality overload and shut itself off, so I have no idea who they sent home but I am sure whomever the "unlucky" girl is, she is far better off! LOL

Because, let's be real: name one celebrity who has achieved A-List status as a result of appearing on a crappy reality dating show. I'll wait. So what exactly is the motivation for these young women? They might end up booty-tootin' online and in some men's magazine. They might have a sex tape "accidentally" leaked. And they may if lucky parlay their buffoonery into a show of their own. But do the ends truly justify the means? SMDH

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