Saturday, February 12, 2011

D-I-Y Nappturaliciously: Celestial Crowns Shower Caps are the TRUTH!!!!

Me - circa 2004 or 2005

Back in my "Braided Beauty" days (Where my braids reached down to my tuchus!), taking a shower was always a hassle because no shower cap... no matter how JUMBO the packaging claimed to be, could fit my extensions comfortably, and by the time I left the shower, either my roots or the ends of my braids were sopping wet.

I have to take a shower.... and I am a crafty little thing, so I very quickly improvised by using plastic shopping bags (Ever get ink from the shopping bag's little smiley face all over your forehead?!? Not cute!), and white garbage bags (Which always made me look like a brown smurf, imho!)... One of the blessings of doing my version of the big chop (I call it "the big braid out" LOL) was that I could finally fit a shower cap... but only if kept my hair wrapped up.

Imagine my surprise when Margie L. Cattouse, the Owner of Celestial Crowns Shower Caps, reached out to me and offered me a shower cap to try out. I must admit, I was dubious.... not only do I have big hair, I have a BIG HEAD... and the combination makes it difficult for me to find a comfortable shower cap. I visited the site, and was bowled over by the heartfelt words of praise from Celestial Crown Chicas with locs and various natural hair styles:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for celestial crown shower caps! Such a wonderful idea, all of my braids fit under the cap for the first time."

" Im one of the people at the hair show that couldn't believe their eyes. A shower cap for us w/ locs!!!"

" Thank you for making such a wonderful product I don't know what I would do without this Crown now that I have it I will never let it go. It makes my showering experience all the more better!"

With glowing recommendations like that, I would be a fool to turn down her generous offer. When Chris and I returned from our cruise, I was overjoyed to find my package (They come in the most beautiful packaging... little things like that really make a difference and makes the experience so much more enjoyable!!) and I couldn't wait to try my crown on for size!!

I've been using it every day for about a month and I must say... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I never ever knew how much something as simple as a shower cap that fits comfortably can improve your day! After a long day at work, I no longer have to tie my hair up before hopping in the shower. I just have to slip on my Celestial Crown and wash that bad day away!!!

Me wearing my "Shower Up" Crown... I had such a blast taking this picture, I felt like I was modeling for a old soap commercial! LOL

To see the beautiful line of Celestial Crowns Shower Caps for yourself, be sure to visit:

UPDATE: Margie from Celestial Crowns has generously created a coupon code JUST for readers of Miss Moon's Musings!!! Hooray!! Enter the code "MISS MOON" during checkout to receive 20% off your purchase!!! Many, many thanks, Margie!!

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  1. I keep hearing about these. I may need to go on and invest.

  2. I think I'll make that purchase later this month. Plus, I'm lovin' all those different prints.

  3. Ooo! im so glad I saw this post. I just got really long braids (to my butt LOL) And as I was getting ready to take a shower, I panicked because I didnt know what to do with these things! I ended up flip the braids up and tying a scarf over it. So everything was flying out of the front. lol But this sounds so much easier. Thank you.

  4. CO & Brandiss... be sure to use the coupon code "MISS MOON" to get 20% off your orders. :)

  5. Never thought a shower cap could be so cute!

  6. Dear Audrey,
    I am humbly grateful and might I add you look stunningly regal in your "Celestial Crowns Shower Cap"! Yes, indeed it took weeks for you to thoroughly review, so long I thought you’d forgotten about me. But I appreciate the fact that you are unwilling to compromise when it comes to your followers. I share the same sentiments about my customer base. If it's not good enough for me and my mine, it's not good enough for you and yours. I'm ever improving the product and my creative side is having a grand ole time. However, the biggest bonus from this venture has been making new friends from all over the country and most recently Canada. People I would never have otherwise met, had it not been for the fact I believed we deserved a better shower cap and they supporting my efforts. Possibly the only mass marketed product that has not evolved is something that's used daily by 4 out of 5 people in our communities, a shower cap. We've got locs, braids, twist, afros, weaves, perms etc. Yet manufacturers are still making ugly floral printed, one size fits all caps. Hence, I named my product “Shower Crowns”, elevating the undervalued shower cap to its rightful level of importance. I promise to always strive for a functional, yet beautiful product. As a matter of fact I will be posting some new designs for my "Spring Collection" lol, in about 2 weeks. They will be called, "What Kinda Ducky Are You?", "Homage to Marcus", "Txt Tawk", "BIG BOLD BRAZEN ME" and possibly an all silver flat design. Your readership can receive a 20% discount by using PROMO CODE "MISS MOON".
    Audrey please extend thank yous to the other members of your independent test lab, your mum and sister. And of course I wish you and your followers......
    continued Bountiful Blessings,
    A Just Thrilled

    Margie L. Cattouse
    Celestial Comforter, LLC

  7. I wish I could look that glamorous in a shower cap LOL

  8. Which size do you have on in the last picture?

  9. @ Chellez - LOL Truth be told when the camera's not around... I look FAR from glamorous!!!

    @ lush4real - The crown I am wearing is an XL... It's great because my hair has room in the cap!!