Thursday, June 11, 2009

About Me: So What's With the Pirate Stuff?!?!?

" She called me one night and said, 'We gotta be pirates... Women who are able to take back what's ours spiritually, to search for treasure, and share the booty." Her creation of the pirates has made me see that part of being an extraordinary, talented, beautiful woman comes from surrounding yourself with other extraordinary, talented, beautiful women. It's like, "Damn ,that sister over there is bad, and if I'm in a group that she's in I must be bad too."

-- Cree Summer, discussing how Lilakoi Moon (Lisa Bonet) created the Pirates

" Its from the deep waters that we come. And we are heartfelt and trecherous like
those waters. We come with an unflinching devotion to the mystical and to God -
representing life and embracing death."

- Lisa Bonet, defines what being a Pirate means to her

One of the things that I am most proud of in my present and future existence is my participation with Pirate Sistahs United. Founded in 2001 by Pirate Rainy Black Crow, Pirate Sistahs United was created to carry the message of pride, peace, love-power and sisterhood so openly expressed by Cree Summer and Lilakoi Moon (Lisa Bonet), and all the Pirate Women (or O.P.s - Original I like to call them!). The original group is no more, but you can still find Pirate Sistah groups on MySpace, FaceBook, Tribe and Ning.
In my travels, I am always asked to explain the purpose of Pirate Sisterhood, which is usually really hard to for me explain. Hopefully, this will make it easier for all to understand.

I will say this. In modern pop culture, we are bombarded with images conjuring the most hateful and superficial stereotypes about women amongst other women. It's the old myth that women cannot be friends with one another because we are too "petty, competitive, jealous,...etc.". Pirate Sistahs United was founded to dispel this myth, among many others.


Pirates move on the water. The element in which the primal
feminine is at home. It seems that at sea, women have the home
advantage. Women on board ships were either feared or
regarded as bringers of luck. Pirate women were considered
especially dangerous, and accepted as leaders at a time when
women on land had been robbed of their rights and dignity. We
pirates set sail for new shores into a world of adventures.
Breaking out of structured obedience, preset orders and moral
unities. We plunge into unpredictability, danger, excitement,
dance, song and everything that strong, free, cheerful action
implies. A pirate has developed her own kind of pirate life,
determined by her self and no other. Under the Jolly Roger, the
black sea robber's flag, pirates show what it means to live in a
permanently actualizing process of individualization and
liberation. The love, loyalty and friendship that we have found
in our pirate sisterhood springs from nothing less than a serious
attempt to find a form of life that can fulfill the piratical desire
for truth and freedom

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