Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pirate Sista/NOT a Pirate Sista (Oakland Beauty Salon Beating)

So yesterday I saw the video of 6 women attacking the owner of an Oakland Beauty Salon. The video, which I will not be posting on my blog (but can be seen by clicking here - I warn you,'s tough!), hurt my heart so much that I wanted to blog about it, but decided to wait 24 hours to do so... in order to give me time to process it, so that I can really express my feelings on this.

This is really really why I am so effin' proud to be a Pirate Sista, man. I love and respect my sistren so much that I could never see myself ever stooping so low, over a man, over anything!

At first I was so angry and had such violent energy towards the women (especially the woman filming this and the women watching), but I realized that these women obviously have enough violence in their lives, so why should I block my blessings to add to it.

I think I continue to be astonished when I am confronted with grown ups acting like teenagers. Last year, I went through this at my former job, having a group of "Mean Girls" (lead by a male "Mean Girl") single me out. I didn't go through that shit in HIGH SCHOOL, so at 31 years old, it really was a head scratcher for me!!!

And it continues to be mind boggling! I have actually had women want to fight me(!) because I was looking at them, admiring their earrings or their shirt or whatever. I usually smile and say, " I was looking because your [item] is beautiful... you are beautiful, my sister!", and they light up.

Cree Summer has this excellent quote (from an article in TheHotness) about the relationships between women that really sums up my feelings far better than I can:

" So many women don’t respect other women. When I’m confronted with animosity from another woman, because I’m spoiled rotten with my friends, I’m always so shocked. I can’t believe that we would have anything to possibly compete about. Women fighting each other. I mean who could possibly win? We’re creators. Just yesterday I’m out in the garden looking at these brand new flowers that sprouted out and said look no one makes colors like the Mother. And in those moments I think how could I ever be sad to be born Woman."

So I propose we counteract this violence and negativity with a love movement. Tell as many women (black, white, brown, yellow, etc.) that they are beautiful... no strings attached. It's difficult at times, but it will be a beautiful thing for yourself and for others. I mean... like attracts like.

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