Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday into Saturday...

This last week has been pretty... bleh. With the exception of two interviews in one week, there hasn't been much going on in my world.

Summer is the worst time of the year to be unemployed and looking. A lot of people are on vacation and simply aren't looking for employees. The jobs I've been seeing on Craig's List have truly been a head scratcher. And I have a lot of questions:

1) Have all Russian/Korean/Chinese people left their jobs recently? It seems like 2 out of advertisements are asking for people with these specific language skills.

2) Does "polished" really mean W-H-I-T-E? I hope not, but I wonder sometimes...

3) Do employers looking for Ivy League graduates only truly expect to get a shitload of replys when they are paying $9 an hour? I'm a dropout myself, but if I graduated from an Ivy League I would assume I'd be looking for more than a receptionist gig, ya know? But then again, I'm an L.I.U. drop out! lol

4) How can you be an Office Manager and only work PT? I mean... does the office only require managing 25 hours a week? I don't get it!!

5) Employers: Stop writing the BLOODCLOT BIBLE in your ads, okay? You wouldn't read a 3 page resume, why should I read the Declaration of Independance when reading about a job opening? I appreciate you wanting to give as much information about the job and the company as possible... but that's what Google and Job Interviews are for, man!

Anyway, despite these frustrations, I keep pounding the virtual pavement, and am confident an awesome kick ass job will be coming my way sooner rather than later. I am a good person, a hard working sistah, and I am open... which is a recipe for success.

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