Sunday, June 28, 2009

:::drools::: Summer Shoe Edition

I have about 6 pairs of shoes in total. In my mind, I have a shoe collection that can rival Kimora's LOL.

My lack of finances does not prevent a girl from dreaming... so check out the latest footwear to sport my imaginary walk in closet:

From Lulu's: Classified Ivana Tan Multi Vegan Leather Strappy Sandal is slide in style in an adorable quintet of mustard, teal and green with light and dark tan. Priced at $17.00, these shoes are not only adorable... they stir a nostalgic feeling.

My Aunt had a pair of sandals very similar to them, and I remember walking around in them, the shoes flopping around my too-small little girl's feet.

These Kimchi Blue Herringbone Gladiator Sandals are $38 at Urban Outfitters and are TOTALLY GORGEOUS!!!

These would be perfect coupled with a nice summer dress!!

And for summer days on the 9-to-5, these Seychelles Teardrop Slingbacks ($88 - Urban Outfitters)is how I dream to rock my workin' girl steez. These would just pop with a blue blouse and black suit!!

And I had to save my favorites for last....

These Steve Madden Creatte Natural Multi Boho Chic Platform from Lulus is $48 bucks and I have to be mindful of my laptop's keyboard because just looking at them makes me drool profusely! LMAO

And here is my imaginary walk-in closet in all it's glory! Ain't is divine!!?!?!

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