Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dreaming of Jellies...

If I were to die today, in a manner similar to Charles Foster Kane... I think instead of the famous "Roooose Buuuuuud"... my dying words would be vastly different, though (dare I presume) equally cryptic:


I was born in 1977. This makes me definitely a child of the 80s. And one of the fashion trends of the era I never got to participate in (thanks to maternal disapproval) was the wearing of jelly sandals. And I got to wear almost all the trends:

  • Michael Jackson glove? Check.

  • Remember the colorful, plastic charm necklaces? I was rockin' em.

  • Eva Joia clothes? Oui Oui

  • Acid Wash? Uhhhh... yeah

The only thing seriously missing from my style arsenal was jellies. And everytime I think about it, I feel a pang of regret.

I remember watching other little girls walk around in their jellies, and thinking they look so cute. I was reflecting on that a few minutes ago, and I decided, "Damnit, I'm 31 years old... I am going to get my arse a pair of Jellies".... LOL

So if you know of anyplace that sells the old school style mary jane jellies, drop me a line! I will be sure to post pics!


  1. Ooh! I still love jellies...I have a red pair similar to the ones pictured at the top. Cute!

  2. Urban outfitters but keep it mind...they cut at your feet. I'm an 80s baby so I used to rock my blue glittery jellies hard!! Found some, thought they were uber cute till they hurt my feet. So now they're buried in my closet somewhere!