Thursday, June 11, 2009

Then Again.... LOL(Maybe God is Tryin' to Tell Me Something PT 2)

In my last entry, I was writing about "whispers" and how I saw that tacky ass wedding on You Know You Dead Azz Wrong as a sign to be mindful about going over the top. I walked away from sharing that realization with y'all feeling very good about myself, 'cause a lesson learned is awesome, ya know?

Why did I go on Offbeat Bride today?!? LOL

I stumbled across this video of a wedding that had me drooling so much I thought I might've shorted out the keyboard!!!

It isn't my IDEAL wedding, but I love primarily how much fun it looks like they're having and how unique and fabulous this wedding is. Though there are plenty of bite-worthy elements of the wedding (especially the smudging and ancestor's altar!!!)


  1. This wedding looks like it was so much fun!! I would have never been able to pull this off I'm sure my mother would have cried...

  2. Yeah, my Mum said that while she thought the wedding was "over the top", she did like "the African stuff" and "the part with the incense" LMAO