Friday, June 12, 2009

The Way I See It: Right Wing-ers Vs. Obama

I indulge in watching political commentary as much as I can stand: Keith Olbermann (love him!), Rachel Maddow (love her!), Bill Maher (he has his moments!) and Chris Matthews (ehhh)... I watch them all to get informed opinions and to gain perspective about the current political environment. And while my own personal commentary tends to lean more towards Jon Stewart's (meaning: sarcastic), I had a revelation about right wing pundits and bloggers (forgive the slang) hatin' on President Obama. And to do so, please allow me to offer an analogy from my own life experience.

A few years ago, I went on a job interview at a well known textile designer here in NYC... I don't exacly remember what the job was for, but I believe it was something administrative, like office assistant. I might've even been a customer service job... who knows? I arrived at the interview a few minutes early and was greeted by a gentleman, who introduced himself as the designer and offered assistance to me, thinking I was a buyer, presumably.

When I explained that I was here for an interview, he introduced me to his office manager, and I was asked to have a seat in front of her desk. I sat there for almost 30 minutes as she typed on the computer, ate a buttered roll, and chit chatted with various employees who were wandering around the showroom. Well after the buttered roll was consumed, she invited me to pull my chair up and join her at her desk, which I did.

She leans in and asks me, "You did know you were coming in for an interview today, right?", I said yes, I was fully aware of this matter. She then asks me if I would consider some advice, to which I also said yes...curious where all of this was going. She then proceeded to tell me that she will not be interviewing me today because my "appearance" was unsuitable for a job interview. She said that my resume and cover letter both indicated that I was a professional woman, and my appearance does not match.

I kindly said that I begged to differ. She asked me in based on my resume and cover letter which are definitely the sign of a intelligent, professional woman. And since I was the author of the cover letter and the resume reflects my personal work experience and qualifications that it most certainly matched, as it was me (and my "appearance") that worked the jobs and gained the experience. I thanked her for her time and advice and left, head held high.

I started walking as I left the building.... I walked all the way to Columbus Circle, silently crying and feeling utterly helpless. As I hit 59th Street, the smell of freshly ejected horse maneur snapped me out of my sadness when I was hit with the realization that every word that woman said to me was utter utter HORSESHIT!!!

There was nothing wrong with my appearance: I was dressed in a suit which was clean and freshly ironed. I had my nose ring in (but so did three other employees that I witnessed there) and it wasn't certainly my size because there were women employed there as big as me. I realized that her problem with my "appearance" wasn't something that could be changed: my skin color. Not that I would want to change it in the first place.

In today's litigous society people can't really go out and say, "We don't like you because you're [fill in the blank]", because they will end up getting sued, boycotted, and publically persecuted. So they have to really find something to focus on as a flaw. Thus my "appearance".

I think a lot of the commentators (please note that not once in this post did I include every right wing blogger or commentator in my statements) who take offense to President Obama taking his wife out to the theatre, being photographed unbeknowst to him with his feet up while talking to the Prime Minister of Israel, getting a dog not from a kennel but from another family in consideration of his child's allergies (and I wont even get into the whole "Birth-ers" hoopala)... they are basically saying, "I do not like the fact that we have a African-American President with a Muslim name and we are going to make it very hard for him every step of the way.

Lyrics to a song I'm working on, still in progress:

They can't call him the n-word, so they call him a facist.
They can't call him the n-word, so they call him a socialist.
They can't call him the n-word, so they call him a pawn.
They can't call him the n-word, so they ring the alarm.
They can't call him the n-word, so they call him unpatriotic.

Janeane Garofalo hit it right on the head when she said that most of the Tea-Baggers were racists and bigots who were just angry that a black man was in the WHITE House. The outrage at her statements put me in mind of Hamlet (which I paraphrase), me thinks thou doth protest too much!!!!

LMAO @ Janeane: "You can tell these type of right wing-ers anything and they'll believe it... except the truth" I see it exactly the same way!


  1. I can't STAND IT!! I'm so tired of explaining this type of racism to people...the "I'm not a racist I love black people...I just don't like anything about Obama and there's nothing that will sway me, not even logic and reason," type of racism. It's that oh, those loud black kids on the bus are rude, scary and ghetto, but the equally loud white kids that I see everyday are just having fun..type of racism. It's sometimes hidden, and sometimes not so well hidden...but it's just as ugly...

  2. Absolutely... its just as ugly and frankly, its scarier because its so subversive as well!!