Friday, February 12, 2010

DOPE: "Money" Poetri

I think I am not the only one who can surely relate to my man Poetri! LOL

By Poetri

My money has been acting funny, lately
This ain't the first time.
Every now and then, I can expect money to disappear for awhile,
watch me smile when I see her back in my hands.
My money's been acting funny, lately,
and I don't mean ha ha funny.
No, I'm talking strange wierd, different type funny.
This time money's gone all out,
leaving me, showing up and then leaving as quickly as she came,
ignoring me, treating me like a poor man,
What I do boo?
All I ever did was love you!
Maybe too much, cause now it's like we ain't cool no more.
We use to be ro-dogs, inseparable,
but lately my money's been acting funny and I haven't seen money in months.
I have more than a hunch that she's playing me, trying to make me jaelous,
hanging out with other fellas,
always in some other brothers pocket.
I try and tell her that those other guys are just using her.
"They just using you, money!!"
She don't wanna hear me.
She doesn't even return my phone calls.
She won't go to the movies with me.
She won't even go with me to get nothing to eat.
And you know a brother can't eat, without money!
Don't you know I miss you? I want you!
Okay, I need you to survive, my life evolves around you.
I can't replace you money, believe me I've tried.
There's only so much bread and water I can take.
Call me spoiled, but I remember the days when people use to see at the hottest clubs,
the expensive restaurants,
all the high-priced stores. I made sure I looked good with money.
I treated you right! I never abused you...did I?
Money, did I abuse you? Did I love you too much?
Did I get used to you hanging around
and now you're giving me a taste of what it feels like to live without you?
People still think we're tight!
They still ask about you.
I don't like them all in my business, so I just reply, money and I,
aren't as close as we used to be.
My money's been acting funny, lately.
I can't even call out her name when I'm playing ball.
I saw her the other day in Beverly Hills. She didn't even acknowledge me.
She looked at me like "...what are you doing in Beverly Hills?
Ever since money hasn't been around, I feel like I'm losing my other friends, too!
American Express, Visa, Discover, now they starting to act shady.
I think she's spreading lies on me!
I tell you, I don't know what I did, but my money's been acting real funny, lately.
And I don't know her anymore and my life ain't same.
Never will be the same, until money comes back into my life.
So, if you see her, or any of her family,
she has a whole bunch of cousins running around,
let her know that I miss her,
I love her,
and I want her to come home.

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  1. Money is deep and hilarious. I like this spot.

    come visit us sometime.