Friday, February 5, 2010

Miss Moons' Musing About: My Top 5 Bollywood Movies (In case you're curious...)

Since I mentioned doing this in my last blog entry, I thought I would blog about it to share some amazing movies with you all.

The synopsis for each movie is courtesy of Netflix, where I rent all of my movies from!!! I realized that while I love "Devdas".. it's not my #1....keep reading to see who knocked it out of the slot!

5: Ishq:

Kajol (Kajol) and Ajay (Ajay Devgan) are very much in love. But since Kajol is a middle-class girl and Ajay is a rich boy, Ajay's uncle is determined to break them up. He uses Kajol's platonic friendship with a middle-class boy named Raja (Amir Khan) to convince Ajay that she's unfaithful. But if Ajay is to find happiness, he must resist his uncle's manipulations. Indra Kumar directs this romantic comedy with music by Anu Malik.

I usually prefer the period stories, with flowing, colorful saris and rolling hills, but this story is amazing. It is such an amazing mind f**k since the first half of the movie will have you rolling with laughter, and the second half will have you hysterically crying!!! LOL

4: Mann:

Karan knows how to woo well-off women and keep his emotional distance. Despite his betrothal to a billionaire's daughter, he searches a ship for new conquests, surprising himself when he falls for Priya, a poor beauty engaged to a rich man. They test their strong affections by opting to meet 6 months after the boat trip. Will the lure of wealth or their love win out? Song, dance and romance dominate this Bollywood popcorn-muncher.

I have to admit, I rented this movie first because I thought that Amir Khan was a hottie. But the story was lovely and very romantic. You will need some tissues for this one as well. But most Bollywood movies make you cry at some point... I won't front!!! LOL

3: Umrao Jaan (The 80s version w/ Rekha):

Lush costume drama set in Muslim 19th century northern India chronicles legendary real-life courtesan Umrao Jaan and the men who sought her company. Rekha's memorable role is helped by Asha Bhosle's excellent ghazal-songs.

I haven't had the chance to rent the newer version (with Aishwarya Rai) yet, but I have it on my Netflix queue. This movie is just lush, romantic and awesome!!!!!

2. Devdas:

In this Bollywood blockbuster, Devdas and Paro have a supreme love that began in childhood when they were kindred spirits. But their love is star-crossed. In a moment of weakness, Devdas breaks the bond of trust between them, and Paro, heartbroken, marries another man. Unable to face life alone without Paro, Devdas finds solace in the bottle … but it's cold comfort. For Devdas, only death can be the final release from his enduring pain.

What can I say about this movie? Did you ever have a craving for delicious plate of chocolate chip cookies, or whatever snack you consider 'comfort food'? I crave this movie the same exact way.

1: Taal:

During his travels, Manav (Akshaye Khanna), a wealthy businessman, falls for Mansi (Aishwarya Rai), a small-town singer and dancer, but then finds he must return to the city. In Manav's absence, Mansi becomes a big star under the guidance of Vikrant (Anil Kapoor), a successful composer. A colorful love triangle filled with music and dancing.

This is one of my all-time favorite movies. It's romantic, sweet, charming. Aishwarya Rai, Akshaye Khanna (grrowwwr!!!!!!), yoga, MTV, Coca Cola... I'm there!!!!

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