Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I SWEAR I'm not Obsessed (But I AM a Little Dorky) About....

Oh, hella... who am I kidding? I am TOTALLY obsessed with what I call *The* handbag. It has become an obsession of mine that has me searching the four corners of the Universe (well, the four corners of the Internet) to find.

Of course I first saw the bag on "Girlfriends"*....

*I got the picture by pausing the DVD and using my BlackBerry. Ghetto as hell, I know.. but you get the idea! LOL

So far, I've discovered that *The* Bag is from Gucci and that its a black leather horsebit hobo. Now, with that information, I know that there is NO WAY IN HELL I will be rocking the same bag anytime soon (I am hardly a lawyer-turned-restaurateur), but it has become my new mission to find a reasonable facsimile for someone making Customer Service Representative money! LOL

I've decided to chronicle my search with a new blog post called ::::drumroll, please::::: Quest for *THE* Bag.. so this entry is actually a crossover blog, as it's a "I SWEAR I'm not Obsessed" and also the first entry for Quest for *THE* Bag... Hooray! My first crossover!!!

In my search, I discovered a better picture of what I think is *THE* Bag, courtesy of Jessica Simpson and the folks at --

Of course any information any of my readers have that will lead me closer to *THE* Bag for insanely cheap (or an insanely identical knock off) would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!

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