Sunday, May 23, 2010

Be Blessed: And BEE-lieve You Can Do It

I receive Daily Stimu-Mails - daily words of inspiration courtesy of Iyanla Vanzant and earlier this week, I read this and instantly knew that I had to share it as this week's Be Blessed post. I hope that it inspires you the same way it inspired me. Enjoy!!

The bumblebee' s wings are so thin and its body so big, 
it should not be able to fly. 
The only problem is, the bee doesn't know that.
- David Lindsay

Most of us do not know what we cannot do until someone tells us. We are willing to try almost anything, go anywhere, stretch ourselves to the limits in pursuit of our dreams. And then we talk to other people. We are reminded of how dangerous it may be, how ridiculous it sounds, what a chance we are taking. People have no problem informing us of all the downsides and pitfalls, they cannot see how we will ever reach the goal. They put us in touch with our faults, limitations and habits. They remind us of all the others who didn't make it, and in vivid detail they tell us why. They give us warnings, cautions and helpful hints about alternative things we can do. When they are finished, we have been effectively talked right out of our dreams. Bumblebees do not talk and neither should we. If we have a dream we want to come true, the only way to it is through it. We must take a chance, a risk and a leap. If we believe in ourselves and our ability we will be taught how to fly.

I can do it because I believe I can do it.

Excerpt from:
Acts of Faith
by Iyanla Vanzant

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