Monday, May 24, 2010

Music Therapy with Miss Moon

I wasn't the biggest "Married with Children" fan in the world (after a while, hooter jokes are a bit of a bore!)but the episode that really really stuck with me is the "Oldies but Young 'Uns" episode, where Al heard a song and searched desperately to find the record, knowing only that it went "Mmm Hmmm Himmm" (See 03:11) LOL

Such was my adolescent search to find this song...and I was so happy to finally find an old .45 of the single at a oldies record store in Park Slope near where I lived. This song continues to make me feel optimistic, as it reminds me of a moment in my life where I was able to get something I really, really wanted... and that is always a fantastic feeling!! So I hope that you will all enjoy this week's song, "Groove Me" by Fern Kinney!

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