Friday, October 22, 2010

DO SOMETHING: Jawn Murray vs. “Militant”,“Nappy-headed.”Black Women

"Yo, some nappy heads need to check they necks for red"
- The Fugees, "Nappy Heads"

I honestly have never heard of Jawn Murray before this evening. And after reading his comments on Twitter, in regards of the “militant” and “nappy-headed” naysayers of Tyler Perry's adaptation of Ntozake Shange's "For Colored Girls...", I'm of the belief that I haven't missed much. I have heard of Tom Joyner, and from what I've seen of him (Mostly from watching Henry Louis Gates' "Faces of America" series), I am astonished he is associated with such a douche.

You're a Tyler Perry fan, Jawn... I get it. I am too... really! I've actually paid money to go see both "Madea Goes to Jail" and "Why Did I Get Married, Too?", in addition to Chris and I seeing "Madea's Big Happy Family" at Madison Square Garden... so I've contributed in my own meager little way to the mogul's multi-million dollar franchise. But... what's with the anger? And why is your anger targeted at women with natural hair? Did I miss a memo from the Nappy-Headed Women Coalition that we ALL HATE Tyler Perry? Does the belief that he is still too green as a director to tackle such a complicated piece of literature mean that we hate him? Hmm... so much to think about.

I am of the belief that Jawn Murray is not familiar with "For Colored Girls Who've Consider Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf" or with Ntozake Shange.... because her work is FULL of women he's most likely consider both "militant" and "nappy-headed"... from Sassafrass to Betsey Brown and definitely Lilianne.

I wonder if he would give the women of Ntozake Shange's most memorable works the following advice?

How's that?!?!?!? Why don't we ask Ntozake Shange what she thinks?

(Side note: Isn't this a completely GORGEOUS picture? I am SOOO printing this out and hanging it up in my home!)

Wait a minute...Ntozake looks kinda militant. Just look at that Nefertiti nose-ring... I bet you underneath that (VERY Afrocentric! ::gasps::) headscarf there's some nappy hair under there!!! OH NOOOOOOOO!!!

I signed a Twitter Petition condemning his callous, insensitive and straight-up "ignant" defense of Tyler Perry at the expense of black women and I hope that you will join me in demanding an apology.

For more information, please go to:

To sign the petition, click here.


  1. Girl, I was too out-done when I caught wind of his statement. Every now and then, I've caught his segment on TJ Morning show and found it mildly entertaining. But this statement he made leaves me totally disappointed in him. I honestly thought him to be intelligent.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
    Why should a person (or group of persons) be (1) generalized and then (2) attacked because of their personal opinion?...
    Also, if you are a writer/reporter for BV, what do you look like putting down a group of your own people?! Just sayin'.
    He has really disappointed me with his immature and resonant slave mentality statement.

  2. C.O., you brought up a very very important point. He's supposed to be a voice for African-Americans and he uses the same, tired "Angry Black Woman" stereotype that the mainstream has been labeling us with FOREVER!!!!

  3. WOW! I can't believe he said those things either! Like ChocolateOrchid said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but there is a right way and a wrong way about delivering that opinion...and he did it the wrong way. He has no right to lump all African American women like that and make it seem like we are all bitter and such...and his use of "nappy-headed" was uncalled for...did he learn anything form the Don Imus incident involving the Rutgers women's basketball team?! I guess not..

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  4. C.O. and Dee - There's been an interesting "update" to the story. Jawn Murray issued an apology for what he is calling, "A joke gone awry".

    ::super side eye::