Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Wanna Go Shopping with... Fatima Robinson

Recently a photo of Fatima Robinson (BAD-ASS Choreographer!!!) appeared in Fashion Bomb Daily, and seeing her in the picture was like running into your high school crush... my heart was all a-flutter! LOL

Photo from Fashion Bomb Daily

Her choreography is fantastic, there is no mistaking that. But what I've always been obsessed about was her STYLE!!! She wears the hell out of some hats, man!!! And her jewelry?!?!? Dee-Vine!

Seeing Fatima inspired me to start a new post for Miss Moon's Musings. A fashion pictorial, if you will. I call it I Wanna Go Shopping with... and as the title suggest, she is my first subject.

I have always been in awe of how her looks go so well together, but at the same time look utterly effortless.

Two women I would love to have a shopping spree with (Especially if they were picking up the check! LMAO)

That is the casual cute look I strive for!

I need those earrings and those bangles in my life... like yesterday!!!

This outfit just screams "I'm on vacation in some distant tropical location... don't bother me with the trivialities of the world"

That's it.... she has inspired me. I am rocking a red lip TOMORROW!!!!

Which celebrity would you want to go shopping with?!?!?


  1. Fatima Rocks! I think her and Aaliyah (RIP) were the best team ever!

    I would love to go shopping with Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson! OMG!

  2. I love Fatima's style. She's the bomb! I would love to go shopping with Nia Long.

  3. Tracee Ellis Ross and Solange Knowles! Great post. Keep up the great work......

  4. I love her look(s), but those huge earings (a la Beyonce) always scare me!!!
    Elaine S.