Sunday, October 24, 2010

Miss Moon's Musing About: My 33rd Birthday Gift List

My Mum has a little ritual that I really admire. On her birthday, she buys herself a very special birthday present. I am sure many people do this, but astonishingly, I have never ever purchased a gift for myself. And this year, in 16 days to be exact, I will be turning 33... which I have learned is a very significant year.

In numerology, 33 is a Master Number, representing the Master Healer. Of the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah, Number 33 is al-Azim, the Supreme Glory, the Most Grand. Jesus Christ is believed to have been either 30 or 33 years old when He died. Many Christians consider the "perfect age" to be 33. Saint Joseph was 33 years old when he married with the Virgin Mary, according to visions of Mary Agreda.

So I have decided to get myself three very special birthday presents this year, to incorporate this self-loving birthday ritual into my life.... Three is a magic number, of course! And of course, I thought to share my would-be goodies with you!!

My first gift is the Maasai Beaded Bangle from Rachel Stewart Jewelry. I think Rachel rocks and I've been stalking her jewelry (not to mention her DOPE AS HELL blog) for a while now. I love the idea of rocking a couple of these bangles with an all black ensemble for a splash of color. Imagine the bracelets and a bright red lip? Fierce!!!!

My second selection is the Lykke Likes Cocoa Agate Hair Combs from Peace Images. I've been wanting to experiment with hair combs for awhile, and I cannot think of a better way to get started!!!

Last, but not least, I am head over heels in love with the Togo Teal Scarf v2 from Casa di Culture. Lime green jersey knit on one side, Wax Batik print on the other.... fierce and fabulous for winter? You betcha!!!!

I plan on not only buying these gifts for myself.. but wrapping the presents, so that I will have them to open on my actual birthday. I am going to buy very nice wrapping paper and a card for myself that expresses my blessings for my 33rd year. It all begins with me, and I am really happy about actively loving myself!!!


  1. I love your list..especially the scarf. Super cute!

  2. Isn't that scarf adorable?!?!? I have been obsessed with it ever since I laid eyes on the colors!