Friday, October 8, 2010

:::drools::: Essence Street-style for Plus Size Fashionistas

I've mentioned my love for Essence's Street Style Photo Galleries in this blog before. Sadly, the past few galleries they've offered up have been less than inspiring. Until...

Photo Credit: Hannan Saleh

From the Street Style: Shout Out Brooklyn (Capturing beauties at Target’s First Saturday event Shout Out Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Museum). The woman in the image is Namik Minter, and she is simply lovely. A lot of the styles in this particular photo gallery were amazing (A few were "Meh" and one or two were "Dear God, Nooooo!!!!!"... guess which ones I mean! LOL)

But back to Ms. Namik. I love love love this outfit. I took one look and KNEW that I had to recreate it.... for the plus size ladies out there!

Let's start with the dress!!! Now in the picture, I couldn't tell if she was wearing a top/skirt combo, or a dress, so I elected to call it a dress and selected the Grey Sequin Knit Dress ($54.00, Torrid)

While Namik's dress clings to accentuates her killer curves, I think that the Torrid dress is a little more forgiving... which is great for big bellied gyals like me!

I selected a super-simple comfy blazer that has been on my "to buy" list for a couple of weeks now... the Relaxed One-Button Blazer ($39.99, The Avenue).

Simply roll up to sleeves to get that casually chic 3/4 length look!

Again, I couldn't tell if Namik was wearing a super funky necklace in the picture, or if what I was seeing was a part of the dress (or shirt!), so I once again came to the conclusion it was a necklace and set off to find the perfect one for this look, with the assistance of my homegirl, Stephanie (Thank you!!!). I couldn't find an exact replica, but I believe I found a necklace that captured its uniqueness and vibrancy.

I selected the gorgeous (albeit pricey) Lauren Manoogian Hexagon Necklace ($125.00, Urban Outfitters). I really thought that this necklace matches that out of place, yet harmonious with look, as well as I thought that the colors went very well with the shoes I picked out.

I chose the Jeffrey Campbell Band Brown Combo Fiesta Woven Wedge ($109.00, Lulu's)

The shoes are only available in a 9.5 at the moment, which is a shame, because I could really use those shoes in my life! LOL

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