Wednesday, October 20, 2010

:::drools::: Solange Knowles-style for Plus Size Fashionistas

This is a special edition of "for Plus Size Fashionistas", inspired by a fantastic song I heard today by Solange Knowles, a remake of Dirty Projector's "Stillness is the move".

After hearing the song, I thought to myself, "I love her music!!! What's more... I love her style and I have yet to do a fashion post about her! What am I waiting for?!?!". With a plan formulating, I searched the internet to find a great outfit of Solange's that would be fun to replicate. The bummer is, a lot of her most recent pictures were from this summer, and how can I copy an outfit that many of us would freeze our arses in?!?!? But then...

Image Source

It was a total blast recreating this look, and I must admit a bit of a challenge, as I couldn't find a sheer shirt/skirt combo in that exact color... but I think I improvised in a pretty good way! Let's start with the shirt/skirt combo...

I selected the Colour Block Draped Dress ($86.40, Evans) Again, it wasn't an exact match, but I liked that the dress has some of the color, and I am digging the asymmetrical hem.

I chose the Embellished Boucle Cardigan Sweater ($59.90, Avenue). I achieve Solange's 3/4 sleeve look, you can roll up the sleeves (which I looks like she did as well!!)

For the belt, I selected the Tan Flower-Embossed Belt ($16.80, Torrid). The belt that Solange is wearing appears to be more rustic and vintage-y... but I love the belt!!!

For the shoes, I selected the UO Suede Pump in Yellow ($48.00, Urban Outfitters)... how cute are these pumps?!?!?!?

Last but not least, I selected the Big Buddha Tahiti Clutch ($54.95, Zappos) and for the bracelets I went with the Zulugrass Bangle Bracelets in Peony & Desert ($16.00, Global Girlfriend)

To download Stillness is the Move (Free!), click here.


  1. I like that she has a style of her own, and that she doesn't try to be her sister; she's not in her shadow.

  2. missmoonsmusingsJune 13, 2012 at 1:13 AM

    Most Definitely, Sheena! I love me some Solo, not only because she's fly, but because I'm a little sister, too! LOL