Friday, February 18, 2011

And Now...A Makeup Moment: M∙A∙C Wonder Woman Lip Sticks

So I was unable to attend the launch party here in NYC for M∙A∙C's newest collection (Had to work and couldn't get out early enough), but my good friend, my Pirate Sistah, Bad Ass Blogger herself... Jay the Bohemian Diva was in attendance, and her reporting of the event had me very excited to check out the collection myself.

While M∙A∙C's Wonder Woman Collection offers a myriad of goodies for the eyes, face and nails (There's even a KICK ASS Utility Belt Brush Set for your Eyes and Face), I was super excited about their Wonder Woman Lipstick shades!!

From left to right: Heroine, Marquise'd, Russian Red, and Spitfire.

Here is a closer look at the swatches:

Heroine (Brown bronze)

Marquise'd (Sandy cream peach)

Russian Red (Intense blush-red)

Spitfire (Bright creamy magenta)

Come pay day, I knew that one of these colors will be mine!!!! While I liked all of the shades, there was only one that made me go "OOOOOOH!!!!". Can you guess which one? Hmmm...?

Okay, This is what I bought:

I chose Spitfire... I thought that this magenta shade would be a fun, flirty look for the spring.... And because I've been needing a mirror for my purse, I also got....

The Wonder Women Invincible Mirror... how dope is that?!?!?

Here is me rocking, Spitfire. I must admit, immediately after making my purchase, I had a bit of buyer's remorse, thinking I should've opted for Heroine (Which is more of a shade I am used to wearing!) I still may get that color, but I really really like how I look in Spitfire!! I tried it on to take pictures for this post and the color immediately perked me up. I look forward to rocking this shade all spring!!

*FYI: I lined my lips with M∙A∙C's Cremestick Liner in Portside - a color that works with most of my lip shades and I love to DEATH!!! Thank you, Chris for taking the picture!***

Check out the M∙A∙C Wonder Woman Collection at


  1. OMG girl!!! I was going to get that one but didn't because I already have a similar I opted for the lipglass. That shade look magnificent on you. Now I think I am going to get it LOL

    Loves & Hugs

  2. Thanks, Jay!! I was really regretting my choice, until I put it on!! I am so glad I got Spitfire (Though Heroine is next on my "to buy" list! LOL)