Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quest for *THE* Bag 2011: After a few CRUSHING defeats on Ebay..

I am kicking myself for missing an opportunity to get the Coach Peyton Bag for less than $300!!! I completely forgot that the auction was ending!!

I remain ever vigilant and I am confident that one day (cue the opening melody to "Someday We'll be Together" by Diana Ross and the Supremes...LOL), one day sooner or later, I am going to find this bag. This  baby will be mine!!!

In the meantime, to cheer myself up from the blunder of the day, I decided to get myself my first handbag in almost a year.

Another Coach Legacy bag, this is the Bleecker Leather Tote, which I got for almost NOTHING on Ebay! Yay, me!

I decided to send myself the message that I can get a Coach bag I like on Ebay for cheap, by getting one for cheap!! While it's not my beloved Peyton, it will fill the void. For now! LOL


  1. when you really REALLY really want something ... have them text you when the auction is about to be over...