Saturday, February 5, 2011

Miss Moon's Musing About: Baby, Let's Cruise (My Vacay - Part Three!)

Okay, so when I concluded Part Two, we were aboard the Carnival Valor, on our way to the beautiful Roatán. I was looking forward to this day, because I knew that it would bring the much-anticipated beach day I've been wanting and waiting for.

I was immediately struck by the natural beauty of this place. Make no mistake, every port I visited during the cruise was absolutely breathtaking... but Roatán had an air of wildness that the shops and the salespeople and the concrete could not wrangle in.

Once we left the ship, we had a beautiful, long walk to the beach. The funniest thing about Roatán was that the check in/out point (seen above) was smack dab in the midst of a huge duty-free shop... just in case you wanted to pick up a few things!! LOL

We continued on our path to the beach, taking in the beauty of this place.

When we reached the beach, I was almost moved enough to get on my knees and kiss the sand!!! I am definitely a Daughter of Yemaya, and it had been a really, really long time, since I've been in the ocean. I jumped right in!

These two little birds were as bold as pigeons... they hung around the beach chairs with us, picking up leftover pieces of food left over from the other tourists! LOL

Chris showing Honduras his b-boy stance!

Me... my hair soaking wet from hours of swimming, exhausted, water-logged, and blissfully happy!!!

Everybody quickly started packing up and we knew (like they did!) we had a trek back to the boat, so regrettably, we headed back after a beautiful afternoon on the beach!!

Chris is no stranger to the rain forest, so he was really enjoying the surroundings.

This last picture taken in Roatán.. Chris and I on the pier headed back to the ship. It was a little bittersweet, as we knew the next leg of the journey was back to Miami, but I know that I will never forget this experience as long as I shall live, and it has definitely stirred a bit of wanderlust in me. I want travel in my life and in the lives of my future children.

This Pirate Sistah thoroughly enjoyed her time "sailing the seven seas" (figuratively speaking, of course!)... And I hope you have enjoyed the story and the pictures from my adventures.

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