Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DO SOMETHING: Speak out against hate -- Justice for Brisenia!!

Nine-year-old Brisenia Flores was murdered in her home in Arivaca, Arizona in May 2009. She pleaded, “Please don’t shoot me,” right before she was shot — point blank, in the face — by a member of the Minutemen American Defense Corps (MAD)1

The alleged mastermind behind Brisenia’s murder, Shawna Forde, has publicly represented anti-Latino hate groups including the Minutemen and the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform (FAIR). Forde is currently on trial in Arizona for the murder of Brisenia and her father, Raul. As we speak, the jury is deliberating and will return a verdict within days, or hours.

What's devastating is that I just learned about the tragic story of Brisenia Flores. Her alleged murderer is on trial, but the main stream media has not taken much notice.

That's why I've downloaded a poster from Presente.org because they are highlighting her life and demanding that we say NO to hate.

Please join me! Post this picture and story on FaceBook, Twitter, on your own blogs and spread the word as much as you can!!

For more information, please visit http://act.presente.org/sign/brisenia/?referring_akid=301.268130.HXPpOf&source=taf


1. "Slain Girl Pleaded for Her Life, Mom Testifies at Militia Leader's Trial" AOL.com, 1/28/11


From Huffington Post:

An Arizona anti-illegal immigration activist was convicted on Monday of killing two Latinos during a 2009 raid: nine-year-old Brisenia Flores and her father, Raul Flores. The killer, Shawna Forde, is a member of the Minutemen, which patrols the southern border vigilante-style to detect illegal entry into the country.


  1. Ms. Forde is not and never was associated with FAIR. Please see http://www.fairus.org/site/News2/856933113?page=NewsArticle&id=20731&security=1601&news_iv_ctrl=1741

  2. Re: Shawna Forde's relationship with FAIR-http://news.change.org/stories/shawna-forde-linked-to-fair-in-2006-video

    If she was not a creditable link to the organization in 2006, FAIR should have ousted her as a fraud then. Not when there's negative media attention surrounding Anti-Immigration groups.

  3. If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck... quack,quack baby... it's a duck!

    Peace from Brooklyn!