Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DOPE: "Fans, Friends, & Artists Must Meet.." by Erykah Badu

Friends, fans, artists must meet
Which 1 are you? Which 1 is me?
Friends, fans, and artists must meet
Which 1 are you? Which 1 are me


"God, please oh please let her breathe my way
If she sing my song today I can be ok
See I understand the message in the song she write
I was really happy for her when she won tonight

She a rebel for the struggle fightin just like me
I know she down to sing at the cookout, free
I was kinda dissappointed with the song she wrote
Went to her website wrote a long ass note

She done made a million dollars but she down to earth
She be rockin chuck taylors and a thrift sto' purse
Signin autographs til the park was dark
I know it's kinda hard when they luv ya art

In the magazines they be twistin up the facts
But her response was fair I like how she come back
She be sangin for the world sharin' all her pain
When she fell up in the game she had changed

Fans, friends, and artists must meet
Which 1 are you? Which 1 are me?


"Folk in the face like she aint da same
Still da same b**** she just changed her name
She don't really like to hang around with us no mo'
Wasn't nothin' like that back in '94

She be fallin in the spot with a fat ass grin
Now she roll a benz she don't need no friends
She only really made it cause her skin is light
Don't nobody really understand that s*** she write

She done made a million dollars she can give us some
She be havin fun... s***, we wanna have fun
Seen her early in the morning looking bad as hell
Gonna be lookin' really funny when her s*** dont sell

Airport, bouta miss a flight
4 carry-ons talkin bout "pack light"
Oooh please, oh please... give the queen her tea
I only come to the show 'cause  I get in free

Friends, fans and artist must meet
Which 1 are you? Which 1 are me?
Fans, friends, n artist must meet
Which 1 are you?


"Folk in my face 'cuz I'mma supastar
N****s hang around cuz of who I are
Get alotta love cuz of what I got
Say they happy for me, but they really not

Sell alotta records and I roll a benz
Fall up in the spot now I'm losin friends
All I wanna do is give the world my heart
Record label trynna make me compromise my art

Make a million dollars, make a million mo'
Tax time come 'round still a n***a po'
I wanna say "Wait...", but I'm scared to ask
The world start spinnin and it's movin fast

Try to stay sane it's the price of fame
Spendin my life trynna numb the pain
I shake that load off and sing my song
Liberate the minds and I go on home

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