Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Wanna Go Shopping with... Ashley Madekwe

Those of you that follow me on Twitter and/or catch my rantings, ramblings and revelations on the Miss Moon's Musings FaceBook page already know I STAN for ABC's "Revenge" BIG TIME. For those of you who had know idea, let me explain the depth of my affection for that show: One of the reasons why Wednesdays is my usual day off from walking is so that I don't miss a moment of the drama when I take Walk #2!!! LOL

The irony is that while I love the show with a passion, I cannot stand Ashley Madekwe's character on the show, also named Ashley (Davenport)!!!! Sad, but true.... but I cannot deny that homegirl can dress her tuchus off! And the same can be said for Ashley Madekwe herself. This, of course, is why I would really LOVE to go shopping with her!

I love this look to pieces! It's simple, but the colors of the mini and the purse really makes the whole thing POP!!!

A similar look to the one above, but with the VA-VA-VA-VOOM red lips, clutch and booties... the outfit is instant vamp!

How perfect is this outfit for vacationing, or even hanging out on a Summer weekend afternoon?!?

Love this!!!!

Mark my words, y'all: When Miss Moon gets down to a size where she can rock this.... Best believe she will be rocking something like this!!! This outfit = EVERYTHING!!!

Those Boots... 

Simply Stunning!!!!

I love these colors!!!

Now this is something I do believe I can rock now.... and believe me, I am mentally putting this outfit together!!!

Had to show the back view of the same outfit!!!! Fab!!!

Love that skirt!!!!

The ring, the necklace... get in my jewelry box, now!!!! LOL

Do you want to go shopping with Ashley, too?!?! Well, the closest thing to it is to stalk check out her DOPE AS HELL blog, Ring My Bell at http://ashley-ringmybell.blogspot.com/!!


  1. i LOOOOOOOVE her style! if i was skinny, i would wear every one of them!

  2. missmoonsmusingsMay 8, 2012 at 11:21 PM

    She has style for days!! I bet there are tons of way to rock these looks regardless of your size!! I have my eye on a few ways to revamp! them! :)

  3. She DOES have great style! Your posts always have such personality! Love them ☺

  4. missmoonsmusingsMay 9, 2012 at 4:35 PM

    Thanks so much, Vee! ((hugs))